The Classical Academy Charter School of Clifton


HIB and 'Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights--Grades

This posting is in compliance with New Jersey education and public law:


Since its founding 15 years ago by an awarding-winning public-school

teacher, a person who taught grades 6-12 in both urban high schools

and affluent NJ middle schools, the prevention of 'bullying,'  'harassing' or

''intimidating' behavior has always been a high priority for Classical

Academy school management, and well before it was a matter of concern

with state education officials.


Adolescents cannot learn and advance in an educational environment where

the mistreatment of students is permitted to fester and infect the school, or

even one student.   The Classical Academy's founder knows this from first-hand

experiences, and has witnessed the destructive forces unchecked and

unprevented harassment, intimidation, and bullying inflict on the entire institution,

and upon any one victim.


At the Classical Academy,  which is the capstone of the founder of the

school's career and life's work, parents and enrolled students can be assured

that he and all the school's teachers and staff under his direction are extremely

vigilant and 'proactive' against HIB behaviors and actions, even when these may be

only 'unthinking' or 'rash' adolescent acts of misconduct, but which may be

preparatory to more serious HIB behaviors.


In education, small is better, not for the least benefit that its learning, student conduct, and general environment can be better monitored and controlled, as is manifested to a high degree

for the 120 students attending the Classical Academy Charter School of Clifton each year.


Lastly, as with all charter schools, especially those not in the state's urban areas, the Classical

Academy's survival depends on having satisfied clients, as other public-school choice

are available to them.   If student learning,  peer relations, student conduct is not well

supervised and controlled, parents ('clients') will understandably leave, and by losing its clients,

like any 'market-place sensitive' entity, the school will collapse.  For successful

charter schools there is therefore a large 'self-preservation factor' associated with controlling student behavior and preventing HIB student conduct, as well as achieving high student-

learning outcomes.

The best indication of how a school controls, monitors, and regulates student interpersonal

or peer relations, and prevents or deals with harassing, intimidating, or bullying behaviors,

is to ask parents about their and their students' experiences at their school.

In each year for the last 15 years, 93%--98% of Classical Academy parents, in an 'End-of-Year

Parental Satisfaction and Opinion Survey' (an anonymous survey) have rated the Classical

Academy's 'learning environment' and 'school safety' as 'Somewhat Better' or 'Much Superior' to

other schools their children have attended or would have attended if not enrolling in the Classical Academy

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