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Classical Academy Charter School’s mission is to blend core traditional learning foundations and modern day educational initiatives to create a progressive learning environment. Through the fusion of a curriculum deeply rooted in Humanities and Liberal Arts and our comprehensive Mathematics and Science program, Classical Academy strives to foster not only scholastic achievements but also the growth of our students as future leaders through the infusion of core values and positive social learning experiences.


Classical Academy was founded by Vincent and Magda DeRosa in September 1998 and began educating middle school students with an enrollment roster of 45 students. Instruction began in the basement of a Greek Orthodox Church in Clifton, NJ. In 1999, the school transitioned to the historic Gourley estate and enrollment grew to a maximum of 120 students. From our humble beginnings, the students of Classical Academy consistently maintained excellent academic achievement through the school’s unique classically infused and highly academic curriculum. This merit was recognized in 2008 when Classical Academy was designated as a “National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence”.

Classical Academy remains a National School of Choice and continues to grow and expand in pursuit of our main goal: to provide the students of Clifton with an enriched academic and growing experience. Under the guidance of Sandra Giordano, Lead Person, Classical Academy has made strides in keeping up with the evolutions and innovations of education today through encouraging the growth of technology in the classroom, special education services, and implementation of new and exciting programs.
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