boxEach year there are 40 vacancies for 6th grade entry. Generally there are two applications for every available seat, particularly in the 6th grade.
Occasionally admissions opportunity exists for entry in grades 7 and 8.
When there are more applications than available seats by the enrollment dates of January 15, applications are selected by lottery, as required by state charter-school law.

Clifton Residency: students must be legally domicilied in Clifton New Jersey at the time of submitting an admissions application and at the time of initial matriculation

Generally, applications received before January 15 for next September's 6th grade enrollment have a greater chance for admissions than applications received after January 15.

Sibling Rule: As permitted in charter-school law, a child who has a sibling
currently enrolled in the school may be admitted without undergoing the lottery
admissions process.

The Classical Academy, in accordance with New Jersey law, does not 'select' or impose academic criteria for admissions.
However, parents must have a good understanding of what the school is, what it has and what does not have in order for them to decide if the Classical Academy is a good educational choice for their student.
To receive an application packet and application directions, and for a full description of the school's academic program and practices, please call the school at: 973-278-7707