School Profile

Text Box:It is wondrous that such a relatively small school has such
a great diversity in its student body.
The Classical Academy Charter School of Clifton is often described as an 'immigrant school.'
Reflecting Clifton's population demographics, the school consistently exhibits the following school population features:

A: 70%-85% of its student body is of 'Hispanic' origin
(over one dozen 'Spanish-speaking' countries of Central and South America are represented in the student body)

B: About the same percentage (70%-85%) of students were either themselves born in a foreign country or are children of immigrant parents

C: 60%-75% of its students speak primarily a language other than English at home

D: 40%-50% of its students each year are eligible for the 'Free/Reduced Breakfast and Lunch' program

E: A significant portion of the school's 'non-Hispanic' student body are also children of immigrant parents, or were themselves born outside of America, coming from such countries as Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Bosnia, Turkey, Poland, Japan.